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It seemed so real till the other day, a dream run, on way to the promised land and this summer has shown us all. That the make believe digital story was not the real story. It was believed that we have conquered the physical world and we are marauding our way through the digital world, to a world of utopia. The AI brigade had started talking about the promised land where there would be no need to work. The AI would deliver and keep on improving everything. We lost touch with the brick and mortar of human existence. That health cannot be bought at John Hopkins or Sloan Kettering when you will not be able to make it. COVID-19 has shown the hollowness of it all.
The pie charts, bar diagrams and visualisations have not been able to bear the COVID-19 heat and so the have the strategists and consultants. They don’t even know how to take care of their jobs and their life. The total disconnect with reality or the masses and their requirements was none of our concern, as long as we were able to built our story with the tools of the multimedia, the beauty of it unparalleled and so were the whopping profits. The world was made to forget what per unit cost means. Presentation skills is what the world required, the WHO story makes it so evident in the troubled times.
The rosy corporate hospitals would take care of our health fallacy was first to be busted. Health infrastructure and equipment availability was next. That the big corporates have deep pockets / heart fallacy is also out in the open, they have not been able to hold on to the disbursement of regular salaries even for a few months. That our expertise has value, we declared from pulpits, was false. That the costing and necessity of all the paraphernalia from official events to marriages, we are forced to rethink. That running the world based on paper planning and getting appreciation of your own constituency has no value. Social sectors depth both governmental and of NGOs needs deep scrutiny, we don’t have experts with the real life experience to audit.
Responsive governance is when you are reached before you utter, the data, the expertise and the empathy makes this happen. At least response to the unimaginable despair, when they are frail enough to handle, is also praiseworthy by the value standards of the day. That then could be maintained at least through the crisis. Everything is a passé and so is human tragedy from Tsunami to Corona, the critical question is, have we ever been prepared and have we used full state might to gain control and deliver succour. The actions now can really be ameliorating to the ones in need. Let it happen.
Sanjay Sahay
Stay home / stay safe.
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