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To battle coronavirus , Azamgarh police goes digital



To battle coronavirus , Azamgarh police goes digital

Azamgarh: In order to minimise physical contact, Azamgarh police has gone 100 per cent digital.  Through the novel move, police are ensuring that all the service is delivered digitally and at the residents’ door steps to avoid any physical interaction to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.
Azamgarh’s Superintendent of the police, Triveni Singh explained that residents don’t need to come to any police station. All they need to do is dial emergency number 112 and all their grievance will be taken. “Our callers will take the details of the complaint, grievance which will be forwarded to the nearest police station. Cops will further file an FIR or take the necessary action and will deliver their services on complainants door-step to avoid physical interaction,” Singh said.
Residents can also register their complaint through UP police app UPCOP available of play store. Triveni Singh said the move will not only help the public and police in curtailing the spread of the infection but will bring more transparency and efficiency once the process is digitalised.
Explaining the digitalisation process, Triveni Singh said it will be beneficial for reporting a crime, grievances, incidents, violation and address verification process for which pubic used to come to a police station. “We will set accountability of police staff who will have to file status report of each call received by the call centre,” he said, adding that gradually we will also maintain a list of other essentials services and their service providers so that if someone is calling us in distress we can directly pass on the number.
“There are times when we get calls from senior citizens and there are requests for non-policing matters. We don’t want to disappoint anyone and help maximum citizens. So we are going to maintain the list of essential service providers of each locality which can be shared with the caller in case of any need,” Singh said. Non policing matter calls have increased during the lockdown period where people are looking for groceries, medicines and milk.

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