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Ukraine Russia War – Ukraine Cyber Army Stopped 1,300 Cyber Attack In 8 Months Of War: President Zelensky



Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the “Digital Transformation” panel at the G20 Summit this week, where he encouraged G20 member states to learn from Ukraine’s expertise in cyber protection.

According to Zelensky, Ukraine’s “IT army,” which is comprised of experts from various Ukrainian enterprises, has thwarted over 1,300 Russian cyberattacks in the eight months since Russia invaded Ukraine.

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He claimed that his country’s experience provided valuable lessons for defending civilian populations from the savage cyberattacks that Russia had launched against them during their invasion.

For instance, he mentioned that Ukraine shifted to the cloud when Russia damaged a major data centre in the country, allowing the government to construct public registries and make payments to residents affected by the war.

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In his speech to the G20, Zelensky said that the Diia state site was up and running and ready to supply 100 contactless public services.

To ensure the security of his people, Zelensky advised them to “learn from the Ukrainian defensive experience.” “Ukraine offers its assistance. What we know about security, you should know about security. Also, keep in mind that security concerns must now underlie all decisions.”

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