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Uttar Pradesh Unveils Bold Plan to Battle Cyber Crime Surge: Know CM Yogi Adityanath’s Blueprint



Uttar Pradesh Unveils Bold Plan to Battle Cyber Crime Surge: Know CM Yogi Adityanath’s Blueprint

LUCKNOW: In a resolute move to combat the rising tide of cybercrimes, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has unveiled a comprehensive strategy aimed at bolstering the state’s cyber security apparatus. During a review meeting on Saturday, the Chief Minister announced plans to establish dedicated cyber crime police stations in all 75 districts of the state. The existing cyber cells at the district level will also be elevated to the status of full-fledged cyber crime stations.

Strengthening the Cyber Sentinel Network

Chief Minister Adityanath emphasized that the proliferation of cybercrimes demands a robust and multi-tiered response. Presently, cyber crime police stations are operational at the regional level, but the new initiative seeks to extend their reach to every district in the state. Simultaneously, cyber cells will be integrated into each police station, forming a cohesive network to tackle cyber threats at the grassroots level. This initiative is expected to see the establishment of 57 new cyber crime stations within the next two months.

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A Plethora of Modern Cyber Threats

Highlighting the evolving nature of cybercrimes, the Chief Minister underscored the changing landscape of criminal activity due to technological misuse. A surge in cases involving customer care fraud, pension fraud, electricity bill fraud, work-from-home scams, sextortion schemes, loan application frauds, parcel scams, fake betting apps, crypto investment fraud, and Ponzi schemes has been observed. These crimes directly impact unsuspecting individuals, making it imperative for authorities to stay ahead of the curve.

Making Cyber Security Education Paramount

Chief Minister Adityanath placed a significant emphasis on the role of awareness in cyber crime prevention. He proposed integrating cyber security education into the school curriculum, recognizing it as a vital component of modern education. To facilitate this, master trainers will educate principals, teachers, students, and parents about cyber security. This phased approach will ensure a widespread understanding of the risks associated with online activities.

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Equipping the Guardians of Cyber Space

Acknowledging the need for a well-prepared police force to combat cybercrimes, Chief Minister Adityanath suggested a comprehensive training regimen. His directive included training five police officers from each district at the state level. These trained officers will subsequently educate five inspectors or sub-inspectors from each police station, utilizing resources available on the Citren portal. This cascade of knowledge will empower law enforcement to effectively investigate and tackle cyber crimes.

Towards a Safer Digital Future

The Chief Minister’s holistic approach to cyber security aims to transform Uttar Pradesh into a formidable bulwark against the surging wave of cybercrimes. By establishing dedicated cyber crime stations in every district, embedding cyber cells within police stations, enhancing cyber security education, and providing specialized training for law enforcement, the state endeavors to create a safer digital environment for all its citizens.

With these ambitious measures, Uttar Pradesh is taking strides towards a future where cyber criminals are met with formidable resistance and individuals are better equipped to navigate the digital realm securely.

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