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Verify Financial Apps Before Use! Rupee Lend and Rupee Fix Under Scrutiny: Cyber Dost



Verify Financial Apps Before Use! Rupee Lend and Rupee Fix Under Scrutiny: Cyber Dost

New Delhi: The Indian government’s Cyber Dost initiative has alerted citizens to be cautious of certain mobile applications offering quick or instant loan services suspected of being hosted by hostile foreign entities.

The apps in question, named Rupee Lend and Rupee Fix, have allegedly been involved in cybercrimes targeting innocent users. The advisory advises users to verify the details of any apps before engaging with them to protect themselves from potential cyber threats.

The proliferation of instant loan apps in India has led to a significant problem that is affecting the lives of countless individuals. These apps, which often promise quick and easy access to credit, have raised concerns about their predatory practices, high interest rates, and lack of transparency.

Many vulnerable and financially distressed individuals, particularly those without access to traditional banking systems, fall into the trap of these apps, leading to a cycle of debt and financial stress. Moreover, reports of data breaches, privacy violations, and unscrupulous lending practices have surfaced, further exacerbating the problem. The lack of proper regulation and oversight has allowed some of these apps to operate without adequate checks, putting users at risk of cyber exploitation and harassment.

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Government’s Cyber Dost Advisory:

The Cyber Dost initiative, which aims to create awareness about cybersecurity among the public, has issued a warning against two specific mobile applications, Rupee Lend and Rupee Fix. Both are financial apps offering loan services. According to intelligence sources, these apps are believed to have originated from hostile foreign entities, potentially posing severe risks to users’ data and privacy. could not contact the app owners for their comments.

As the prevalence of cybercrimes continues to rise, Cyber Dost emphasizes the importance of exercising caution while using mobile applications, especially those offering financial services or collecting personal information. In light of these recent developments, it is crucial for users to verify the authenticity and reputation of apps before downloading or sharing any personal data.

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Complaints from Victims:

The seriousness of the issue has come to light through various complaints filed by victims of these alleged cybercrimes. One user, Gnanasekar, expressed on a cybercrime complaint forum that they had been harassed by the perpetrators, who used morphed photographs for blackmailing purposes. This disturbing incident highlights the gravity of the situation and the potential dangers posed by these apps.

Another user, Shabana Khan, also shared their unfortunate experience, accusing the individuals associated with the apps of fraudulently using and blackmailing her with personal data and pictures. The urgency in resolving such cases is evident from the distress faced by victims who fall prey to these cybercriminals.

Amulrajan Pachiyappan, another complainant, revealed that the apps provide short-term loans with a seven-day window but have allegedly resorted to threatening users to collect contact data and create explicit photos of them. This raises significant concerns about the misuse of personal data and the potential exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

Government’s Call to Action:

In response to the rising concerns over these suspicious instant loan apps, the Indian government’s Cyber Dost initiative has urged citizens to report any incidents of cybercrime or suspicious activities. The designated helpline number, #Dial1930, has been set up for victims to reach out for assistance. Additionally, the Cybercrime website ( is available for filing complaints and seeking guidance on handling such situations.

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The government is taking these complaints seriously and is committed to investigating and prosecuting those behind these cybercrimes. The authorities have assured the public that all necessary actions will be taken to safeguard citizens from falling victim to such online threats.

As technology continues to advance, the risk of cybercrimes looms larger than ever. The recent advisory from Cyber Dost serves as a reminder for all users to exercise caution while interacting with mobile applications and sharing personal data online. It is crucial to stay vigilant, verify app details, and report any suspicious activities promptly.


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