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Bluetooth Device Users, BEWARE! Hackers Using Bluebugging Are Stealing Data — Here Is How To Stay Safe

NEW DELHI: Smartphones, laptops, wearables, TWS earbuds, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices surround modern consumers. Hackers now use a variety of methods to acquire critical information, making these devices more susceptible to attack. Bluebugging is a type of hacking in which cybercriminals get access to private information through mobile devices and laptops.


Bluebugging is a hacking technique used by attackers to take control of a Bluetooth-enabled device in “discovery mode.” Blue-bugging allows hackers to access calls, text messages, divert calls to their numbers, and steal locally stored sensitive information, among other things. Blue-bugging was mostly used to target laptops in the past, however, hackers have devised new techniques to target all Bluetooth-enabled gadgets.

The programmes that allow users to connect wireless earbuds to smartphones or laptops can be used to record conversations, according to cybersecurity experts. Some app developers have also mentioned that Bluetooth-enabled apps can record Siri talks and iOS keyboard dictation audio when AirPods are in use.


When the Bluetooth function of a device is in discovery mode and the user is within roughly 10 metres of a hacker, the device is susceptible to blue-bugging assaults. Typically, hackers put malware on devices they can access and then use brute-force attacks to circumvent the device’s security features.

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– Unusual and irrelevant pop-ups

– Rapid battery drainage

– Bluetooth gadgets are becoming increasingly warm

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According to cybersecurity experts, users must maintain the most recent software versions on their smartphones and laptops to avoid Bluebugging attacks. Typically, new software updates include bug patches to address existing system vulnerabilities.

Users can maintain the security of their associated devices by disabling Bluetooth when not in use.

However, this is only sometimes practicable, as some Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartwatches, do not function the same when Bluetooth is removed. Therefore, users are recommended to conceal their gadgets until they are no longer required. It is vital to highlight that Bluetooth is enabled by default on most devices, leaving users open to assaults.

Additionally, users should avoid accepting random pairing requests, as this can aid hackers in gaining access to their devices. Keep an eye out for any strange activity occurring on your devices, such as random call disconnections and the auto-sending of text messages. These odd behaviours can indicate whether or not your phone has been compromised. Public Wi-Fi networks are also a typical hub for hackers, therefore it is best to avoid them.

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