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Ground Zero Rebooted 2022: Work In Mission Mode To Tackle Cyber Challenges Says Top RSS Leader Indresh Kumar



Ground Zero Rebooted 2022: Work In Mission Mode To Tackle Cyber Challenges Says Top RSS Leader Indresh Kumar

NEW DELHI: We are living in an era where a society or a country cannot ignore any piece of information. Taking prompt action on any information alone can help us tackle the ever-growing challenge of cyber crime, said Indresh Kumar, a senior leader of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

“To fight against cybercrime, one has to live in mission mode, not consumerism mode. Had Sri Lanka been living in mission mode, it would not have gone bankrupt,” Kumar said, referring to the economic and political crisis in the neighbouring island nation.

The leader of the RSS, which is the political idealogoue of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, said this while addressing a two-day ‘International Conference On Dynamics And Paradigms Of Cyber World’ – Ground Zero Rebooted 2022.

The conference began at the Ambedkar International Center in Delhi on Friday.

Focusing on the sensitivity involved in the use of the internet, Kumar said it is a law of nature that with every question there is an answer. 

“The policy of acting on any information received played a big role in eliminating terrorism in the Kashmir Valley.  Today the methods of warfare are changing,” he said.

“Today the Internet is being used as a weapon. When we are fighting against a huge global challenge like cyber crime, every information becomes important,” Kumar said. 

Referring to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, he said that the “Chinese virus” caused the death of millions of people.

At such a time, if India had not shown the way to the world with the help of a lockdown and vaccine, then there could have been even bigger casualties. 

“We have to learn to take pride in our achievements,” he said. 

He added that India cannot keep itself neutral from the big issues of the world.

Addressing the inaugural session of the programme, Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal said that at a time when the country is celebrating the 75th Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, the need for discussions on topics like cyber crime and data law protection has increased.

The bill related to data law protection will be brought again with some amendments, the minister said on the day the government announced withdrawal of a bill on personal data protection.

General Secretary of Rashtriya Suraksha Jagran  Manch, Golok Bihari Rai said the world of internet is becoming the basis of development on one hand and on the other hand it has also become a big challenge. 

“Therefore, there is a need for a comprehensive discussion on this topic,” he said.

Cyber ​​crimes have emerged as a major threat to the happiness and peace of the people as well as to the internal security of the country. Cybercrime has also affected international relations, he said.

“Today a new word like cyber war has been added to the traditional methods of warfare. The misuse of cyber world has to be controlled at all costs. The power of cyber in India is immense, but it needs to be regulated,” Rai said.

India’s national cyber security coordinator Lt Gen Rajesh Pant said the dependence on internet is increasing in every field of work. 

Cyber expert Alok Vijayant started the discussion at the programe while the vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Ram Rakkappan.

A large number of students, cyber experts and foreign delegates participated in this programme organized by Rashtriya Suraksha Jagran Manch. 

IIT Kanpur incubated the Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF)  knowledge partner of the event remained the talk of the event for its AI-powered predictive policing solutions.  

Exterro, Chainanalysis, eSec Forte and Innefu also created a buzz among the audience. Innefue and eSec Forte are in cyber forensics and data Analytics field, Exterro is a cyber forensic Analytics platform, Chainanalysis: Cryptocurrency Investigation tool

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