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How Nursing Student Lost Rs 16 Lakh While Trying To Sell Kidney Online



How Nursing Student Lost Rs 16 Lakh While Trying To Sell Kidney

HYDERABAD: While browsing the web in February of 2022, a nursing student from Guntur, Hyderabad, saw an advertisement. An image of a young doctor and a phone number indicated that one Dr Praveen Raj was willing to pay Rs 3 crore for a kidney. The victim needed Rs 2 lakh immediately to cover withdrawals she had made from her father’s account. The victim fell for the advertisement which eventually led to a loss of Rs 16 lakh.

The nursing student subsequently sought assistance from Guntur police on Monday during the Spandana program.

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When she tried to sell her kidney, some crooks offered her Rs 3 crore. The perpetrators compelled the victim to wire Rs 16 lakh for taxes and police verification fees.

The girl told the police that she had contacted a man named Praveen Raj on social media, who had instructed her on how to make money in exchange for donating a kidney. According to the lawsuit, he promised her a 50% advance payment before the operation, and the rest money would be paid to her after the procedure was completed.

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According to the complaint, the criminals opened an account at a Citibank branch in Chennai and wired the equivalent of Rs 3 crore to it. The victim followed the cybercriminals’ instructions and sent them Rs 16 lakh before pleading with them to recover her money.

The criminals told the victim she would have to travel to Delhi to collect the money she had requested for. The girl discovered the address given by the suspect to be false when she went there.

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The victim’s father was contacted and informed that his daughter had used one of his ATM cards to withdraw Rs 16 lakh in November. His daughter ran away from her dormitory in Hyderabad after he urged her to come back home.

The NTR district of Andhra Pradesh is where the police found her. She was tracked down to a friend’s house where she had been hiding out.

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