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Future Crime Workshop – Need Visionaries, Innovators To Control Metaverse In India: Alok Vijayant



Future Crime Workshop - Need Specialized Organization With Trained, Visionaries To Control Metaverse In India: Alok Vijayant

NEW DELHI: Suggesting that India needs a special organization which is centralized and specialized in dealing with policy and challenges of Metaverse, cyber expert and senior government official Alok Vijayant said that it cannot be done with the same old police and non-tech setup.   

India needs innovators and geeks who can see beyond to research and execute plans on the Metaverse, said Alok Vijayant while speaking at a webinar hosted by IIT-Kanpur incubated – Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) on Digital Crimes In Metaverse Ecosystem.

He said we should control the Indian ecosystem of Metaverse now else we again have to depend on foreign players. We need specialized technical people who are visionary and understand the game to regulate metaverse.  


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“I don’t subscribe that metaverse is going to do much good to society. There is going to be a lot of negative of Metaverse,” Vijayant said.

He pointed out the challenges for Metaverse are reputation and control, management and control, data and security, ownership, transfer currency and payment system, standardization of laws and jurisdiction, and global rules and controls.

Vijayant also listed three kinds of cybercrimes, crimes against individuals, crimes against the government and crimes against one’s personal property. He highlighted that Metaverse forensics is going to become very important in the coming days.

He said out the effects of Metaverse in the long run and said that aggression, depression, loneliness and anxiety will be very common in the approaching days.

Metaverse is just creating a new planet or a universe. It will have everything that you see in the physical world. In this virtual universe, you cannot travel physically, you need an entity called an avatar to start using Metaverse, said cyber expert and senior government official Alok Vijayant.


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Vijayant live demonstrated various aspects and dimensions of Metaverse while speaking at a webinar.

What is this entire Metaverse all about?

People are trying to be someone they are not in the real world. And this is giving unlimited possibilities to Metaverse, said Alok Vijayant. According to him, the idea behind Metaverse was re-living life, undoing the wrong things and role play.

The virtual universe acts and reacts on your behalf. So there are virtual spaces, conference halls, shopping complexes, government offices, malls, and everything that we see on our planet would be ultimately created in Metaverse. Event plots are being sold in this virtual universe. It gives the immense possibility, that what you could not be in the real world, you can be in the Metaverse.

Alok Vijayant while speaking at a webinar hosted by IIT-Kanpur incubated – Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) on Digital Crimes In Metaverse Ecosystem.

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Pillars Of Metaverse

The basic pillars of Metaverse are going to be blockchain technology or crypto. It will be the digital currency exchange system. The second very important part is the creation of digital assets. So the creation of digital assets is all about the creation of 2D pictures in 3D.

Machine Learning is important because when you create an avatar, you know that avatar has to mimic you. What is happening is you’re making the system learn, how you smile, how you behave, how you act, how you react, all these things the system does so that system learning comes into machine learning and then artificially enables the avatar to act on your behalf.

Along with Metaverse, there are going to be a lot of crimes. Blockchain is also very important in this entire game of Metaverse.

The components of Metaverse are digital currency, digital infrastructure, digital assets, workplace, marketplace, NFTs and online shopping.

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