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Future Crime Workshop – No Physical Crime In Metaverse But Psychological Breakdown Imminent: Ex-IPS Sanjay Sahay

NEW DELHI: Cyber physical has already become a part of our world. Industrial Revolution 4.0 is here for our reckoning. It is all around the IoT and is trying to make it stand in our existence in a manner which is unimaginable, said Sanjay Sahay, Ex. IPS (ADGP), IT, Cyber Security & Emerging Technologies Expert, and Management Guru.

“Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is trying to bring us to a totally different world (Metaverse) for a single reason that they want to improve upon their unassailable power of controlling the data of this world and spreading into areas which are unimaginable. He has given us a future construct which is Metaverse, said Sahay. He was speaking at a webinar hosted by IIT-Kanpur incubated – Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) on Digital Crimes In Metaverse Ecosystem.


Facebook has recently been named Meta and it wants to create a world that is totally different from the present world where using a wearable gadget we get connected to the virtual world and the physical reality. “His aim has been to decimate physical reality. When you want to decimate physical reality and the social reality for human beings I don’t think we are going in a very correct direction. Ethics becomes the most important parameter or the north star as we move into the artificial intelligence world,” Sahay said.

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Sanjay Sahay kick-started the webinar hosted by IIT-Kanpur incubated – Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) on Digital Crimes In Metaverse Ecosystem by explaining the meaning of Metaverse and how people behave in the virtual world.

He told that Metaverse has its origin in the 1992 Snow Crash fiction novel as a portmanteau of Meta and universe. In simple terms, Metaverse can be thought of as the world’s digital counterpart. By avatars, it becomes an extension of the real world. Not only are the avatars, the whole human living ecosystem is mirrored. A user can do anything in the metaverse, which is impossible in the real world.

What is Metaverse?

It seems the world is moving towards the Metaverse at a fast pace. Everyone is embracing it, from the tech giants like Microsoft and Facebook to Robolox and Epic Games. Some futurists define it as a collective virtual shared space. “It is the perfect fusion of physical, augmented and virtual reality.” The Metaverse as expected would be accessed through the internet.


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But, why did Metaverse come into existence?

The simple answer is that convenience used to be a choice earlier but for Gen Z, it is indispensable. An analogy would prove the point, try to remember Sunday grocery shopping as a dedicated activity earlier, today it is real-time through online apps.

Explaining how the companies and the world is adopting Metaverse, Sahay said a Walmart store on Metaverse would provide you with the same experience end to end. The price of the items selected would be automatically debited from your Walmart account and the stuff would be delivered the same day.

Last year, “the Italian luxury brand Gucci partnered with Roblox, an online gaming platform, to offer a digital-only limited edition of Gucci collection. Most interestingly you can buy a property or even visit a bank. South Korean Kookmin Bank has created KB Financial Platform on the Metaverse platform Gather. “It’s a virtual branch wherein customers can move around in their avatars and talk to the banking advisers,” Sahay said.

Sanjay Sahay speaking at a webinar hosted by IIT-Kanpur incubated – Future Crime Research Foundation (FCRF) on Digital Crimes In Metaverse Ecosystem.

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He highlighted that when talking about payments, cryptocurrencies would come in handy.

“This whole Metaverse concept actually comes from gaming. People like Mark Zuckerberg thought this will be another opportunity and took the game to the next level. We know the psychological and mental consequences of gaming. How it was the root cause behind several cases of crime in the past.”

Sahay said we are not able to understand the crime that took place in web 2.0 so the challenges ahead of authority to deal with crimes and consequences from Web 3.0 are going to be huge.

He warned that there is not going to be any physical crime but how are we going to deal with a psychological breakdown. Self-esteem, bullying, harassment, hate, propaganda, apart from financial fraud will dominate the metaverse.

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