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Cybercrime’s Hidden Web: 120,000 Computers Infected by Stealthy Malware Network



Cybercrime's Hidden Web: 120,000 Computers Infected by Stealthy Malware Network

An astonishing 120,000 computers have fallen victim to the clutches of stealer malware, with credentials linked to various cybercrime forums. This extensive breach sheds light on the interconnected web of malicious actors and the dangerous potential of information stealers as a primary attack vector. The revelation was made by cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock in a  comprehensive analysis of compromised computers, spanning from 2018 to 2023. The report has unveiled a disturbing trend that underscores the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Unintended Consequences: Hackers Accidentally Fall Prey to Malware

Hudson Rock’s Chief Technology Officer, Alon Gal, emphasized that these compromised machines were not solely infected by threat actors intentionally targeting themselves. Instead, among the 14.5 million computers in the firm’s cybercrime database, a portion of them happened to belong to hackers who inadvertently became victims of the very malware they deploy.

Exposing Hacker Identities: Data from Compromised Machines Reveals Real-World Clues

The breach’s magnitude is not only in the sheer number of affected devices but also in the breadth of information extracted from them. Hudson Rock’s analysis highlights the breadth of stolen data, including credentials, addresses, phone numbers, computer names, and IP addresses. This trove of information has potential implications for unmasking the real-world identities of cybercriminals.

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Stealer Malware’s Role in Expanding the Malware-as-a-Service Ecosystem

Stealer malware has emerged as a key enabler of the malware-as-a-service (MaaS) ecosystem, acting as a profitable initial attack vector for threat actors targeting organizations. This ecosystem allows hackers to execute a range of nefarious activities, from espionage to ransomware attacks. The breach underlines the alarming role that information stealers play in infiltrating and compromising organizations.

Leading Cybercrime Forums Infected: Takes the Top Spot

Hudson Rock’s investigation pinpointed the most heavily impacted cybercrime forums. emerged as the frontrunner, with a staggering 57,000 users falling victim to stealer malware. It was followed by, with 19,062 users, and, with 13,366 compromised users. These forums serve as hubs for cybercriminal activity, making their infection a significant cause for concern.

Password Strength and Vulnerability: An Intriguing Analysis

The breach has also shed light on the strength of passwords used by cybercriminals. Hudson Rock reported that passwords from cybercrime forums demonstrated higher complexity and strength compared to those used on government websites. Furthermore, a substantial portion of the compromised credentials featured at least 10 characters and contained four distinct character types.

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Attribution and Implications for Law Enforcement

Alon Gal highlighted the potential for this breach to aid law enforcement efforts in attributing cybercriminal activity. While information stealers are notorious for compromising organizations through stolen credentials, this breach shows that the same stolen data can also serve as a tool for identifying and tracking down malicious actors.

Expanding the Threat Landscape: Corporate SaaS Applications Under Siege

Flare’s subsequent analysis of more than 19.6 million stealer logs has revealed another layer of vulnerability: 376,107 of these logs provided access to corporate Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. The logs containing financial services logins were listed at a premium price, indicating the significant potential for financial gain through such attacks. Breach and the Resurgence of Breach Hacking Forum

This revelation follows the temporary shutdown of due to a data breach, which exposed the details of over 760,000 users. The breach’s aftermath saw the reemergence of the Breach hacking forum, now led by ShinyHunters. These developments underline the persistent and evolving nature of cyber threats, urging organizations and individuals to remain vigilant in the face of increasing digital vulnerabilities.

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