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Centre Designates NFSU National Examiner of Electronic Evidence: Learn How to Get Your Lab Notified – Get Complete Details!



Central Government Designates NFSU as National Examiner of Electronic Evidence

GANDHI NAGAR, GUJARAT: Aiming at enhancing the nation’s cybersecurity and digital crime investigation capabilities, the Central Government has officially designated the Digital Forensic Laboratory at the Cyber Defence Center of the National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU) as the Examiner of Electronic Evidence within India. This move is in accordance with the powers granted under section 79A of the Information Technology Act 2000.

The decision to appoint NFSU as the National Examiner of Electronic Evidence underscores the growing importance of digital forensics in modern-day law enforcement and the need for specialized institutions to handle and analyze electronic evidence in cases involving cybercrimes and digital misconduct.

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The scope of NFSU’s designation as the Examiner of Electronic Evidence includes two crucial domains:

(a) Computer (Media) Forensics: NFSU will be responsible for the comprehensive examination of computer media for evidentiary purposes. This involves analyzing digital data stored on various types of computing devices, such as laptops, desktops, servers, and external hard drives. The goal is to retrieve, preserve, and present electronic evidence in a legally admissible manner.

(b) Mobile Devices Forensics: With the proliferation of mobile devices in modern society, NFSU’s role in mobile device forensics gains utmost significance. The university’s experts will be tasked with extracting, analyzing, and documenting electronic evidence from mobile phones, tablets, and other portable digital devices. This effort will contribute to strengthening investigations related to mobile-based cybercrimes and other digital offenses.

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The Central Government’s decision to entrust NFSU with this pivotal role comes at a time when the country is witnessing an escalation in cyber threats and cybercrimes. Establishing a dedicated institution for electronic evidence examination is expected to facilitate efficient and effective cybercrime investigations, while also aiding law enforcement agencies in presenting strong cases in courts.


Lt Col (Dr) Santosh Khadsare (Retd), VP - Digital Forensics & Incident Response, eSec Forte Technologies.

Lt Col (Dr) Santosh Khadsare (Retd), VP – Digital Forensics & Incident Response, eSec Forte Technologies.

“ Notification of Labs as EEE under section 79A is a stringent process which requires proper understanding and consultation. Being instrumental in notification of two national level labs as an end user and also being part of the technical committee assessing labs during the stint at CERT- In , Ministry of Electronics & IT, Govt of India has helped in understanding the requirements for this process. We at eSec Forte Technologies assist LEAs and Govt Labs in notification process,” said Lt Col (Dr) Santosh Khadsare (Retd), VP – Digital Forensics & Incident Response, eSec Forte Technologies.

The National Forensic Sciences University, headquartered at Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat, has already established itself as a center of excellence in the field of forensics and criminal investigations. This recent designation as the Examiner of Electronic Evidence further solidifies its status as a leading institution in the realm of digital forensics.

As India continues to navigate the evolving landscape of digital threats and cybercrimes, the designation of NFSU as the National Examiner of Electronic Evidence is poised to play a pivotal role in safeguarding digital infrastructure and upholding the rule of law in the digital realm.




Scheme for Notifying Examiner of Electronic Evidence – Scope, Criteria & Eligibility



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