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Truth Behind ISRO’s ‘Radio Portal’ As Claimed In Viral Social Media Post



Truth Behind ISRO’s ‘Radio Portal’ As Claimed In Viral Social Media Post

Has the Indian Space Research Organization, popularly known as ISRO, really built a radio portal for tech geeks and other people in general across the globe?

Recently, a new message went viral which claims that ISRO has built the portal known as ‘Radio Garden’ which will allow people to listen to various stations around the world.

“Dear everybody, list to ISRO’s global radio. When you click the link, the globe will rotate. There are green spots that you can just tap to begin listening to live radio from that location,” stated a viral social media post.

However, in reality, the claim has already been debunked by fact-checkers as well as Indian government and it has been found that it is the second time that such a message has circulated online.

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However, ISRO has got a website which is known as Radio Garden but is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, according to the report.

It was specially designed and built by Studio Puckey and Moniker in 2016. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision commissioned it.

Radio Garden allows the users to listen to various radio stations live from multiple countries. Notably, ISRO has also researched for the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

They say that the Radio Garden is the result of the Transitional Radio Encounters research project which is influenced by the radio for the transformational forms of culture and identity.

This project will be financially supported by the HERA Joint Research Programme.

Additional investigation on the viral claim related to ISRO led to an article in The Guardian stating that the app, the brainchild of Amsterdam-based companies Puckey and Moniker, debuted in 2016.

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The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision commissioned it as a temporary experiment as part of research into how radio has facilitated “transnational interactions.” It began as a web-only service but has been available as an app since 2018.

When this rumour went viral in 2017, The New Indian Express newspaper revealed that Radio Garden is a gateway that connects approximately 8,000 stations throughout the world and distributes it to anyone who wants to listen.

Although the ISRO has many accomplishments that any Indian can be proud of, the Radio Garden is not one of them!

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) of Indian government’s Fact Check also stated that claim is false and that ISRO has not established such a radio gateway.

However, ISRO’s official website has no update about the Radio Garden.

So, let’s conclude with the statement that the information about Radio Garden was initiated and developed by ISRO is not true.

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