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Rajasthan Cops To Have Special Cells To Help Youths ‘Misguided’ By Social Media



Rajasthan Cops To Have Special Cells To Help Youths ‘Misguided’ By Social Media

RAJASTHAN: In a novel initiative to help the youth of the state, the police in Rajasthan have decided to set up special cells in each district to prevent youngsters from getting influenced by social media posts of gangsters.

All plans have been made for setting up of the counseling cells and the police chief of Rajasthan, Director General Umesh Mishra, has issued orders to cyber personnel and other senior officers in every district.

The development comes in the wake of several episodes in which social media posts of notorious gangsters and criminals were found to have lured the interest of youths of Rajasthan, prompting them to follow suit of the anti-social elements in real life.

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Alarmed by the situation and an apparent rise in cyber crimes in the state, the police have decided to set up these counseling cells, according to reports.

“Besides this, necessary legal action against criminals active on social media sites is also being taken by the cyber cells working in districts,” DGP Mishra said.

“Newly-established counselling cells in districts have been formed to keep youngsters away from such criminals, to monitor social media sites and to bring misguided youngsters who get influenced by criminals and gangsters active in districts in the right direction,” Mishra said.

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Counselling Cells

The counselling cells are being set up at the office of the superintendents of police in each of the 33 districts of Rajasthan.

Through these cells, misguided youngsters will be counselled on the basis of the data provided by the social media wing of the police.

Additional superintendents of police will be the nodal officers for the counselling cells.

Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Other Members of Cells

According to available information, the counseling cells will have senior women police officers and social media cell in-charges.

Besides them, psychiatrists, psychologists or senior medical personnel at the district level will be members of the counselling cells.

However, the working of the cells will be supervised by the Crime Branch of the state police.

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Crime and Robin Hood

Experts believe that a lot of youngsters who get into crime are influenced by the portrayal of gangsters and criminals as some sort of Robin Hood – the legendary outlaw from English folklore famous for looting the rich and distributing wealth among those poor.

The trend of such influence could be seen in the way these youngsters put their pictures and videos on social media – all attempts at glorifying crime.

Additional Director General of Police (Crime) Ravi Prakash Mehrada said on social media, gangsters, small or big, portray themselves in a “Robin Hood style” and share their photo and videos.

“Some youngsters get influenced and become their followers, and gradually move towards the world of crime,” Mehrada said.

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“The glorification of miscreants on social media has become a challenge for the police and due to this, it has become necessary to strengthen cyber and social media cells at the district level,” he said.

The officer said a state-level four-month special campaign will be launched from January 1 to make people aware of the matter and the campaign will be monitored by SPs and zonal level police officers.

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