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Fake Job Scam: How To Avoid Such Calling Scams



Fake Job Scam: How To Avoid Such Calling Scams

New Delhi: Some blame it on the shrinking jobs in the private and public sector while some blame cinema, bad parenting, low skills or probably too much time on hand, but the fake job rackets is certainly a booming industry.

Factor this – You get a call from a job consultant promising you a job at a leading bank. He asks you to send Rs. 3,500-4,000 in the name of an online interview. And then you are trapped – thinking of a chance to work for a reputed firm, the conman will run with your money even before you could understand what hit you.

These conmen might pursue you through apps like Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. These hackers usually take out information about people they want to pursue from sites where job seekers upload their resumes to find an apt job according to their profile.

This information is then misused by cybercriminals. Recently, a similar crime was unearthed by Lucknow Cyber Crime Cell. The team arrested one Amit Srivastava who used to dig out the details of unemployed people from Facebook and LinkedIn and further used this information to trick these people in lieu of offering a job in Kotak Mahindra and other such reputed firms.


Though something like this fraud call can happen to anyone, there are a few ways with which you can avoid such calling scams.

–          Use authentic, official websites for uploading your resume

–          Post CVs with specific job positions

–          Never ever pay for securing any job offer

–          Always look for red flags in the mail or the offer letter

–          Validate the mail or call by calling the official number of the firm

–          Be cautious about jobs that seem too good to be true

–          Contact authorities as soon as you smell something fishy