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Bengali Actress Pratyusha Paul receives Death Threat & Vulgar Messages On Instagram



Bengali Actress Pratyusha Paul receives Death Threat & Vulgar Messages On Instagram

KOLKATA: After receiving many rape threats and vulgar messages on her social media, Bengali actor Pratyusha Paul sought assistance from the police. An anonymous user is said to have sent indecent messages. The actor initially ignored the messages and barred the user. The accused, on the other hand, continued to text her from new accounts.

She allegedly blocked the user approximately 30 times, according to the actress. According to sources, the suspect threatened to hurt Paul, her family, and friends.

“On Instagram, the account used to send me incredibly filthy messages. As a public figure, I was informed that such things happen and that I should ignore them “Pratyusha stated.

The issue did not appear to be getting any better. On Instagram, the account holder sent her rape threats and manipulated photographs on a regular basis. The person would send messages from a new account every time she stopped the account, according to Paul.

“I’ve blocked the accounts 30 times, and the guy has now started a new account and threatened me on Instagram for the 31st time. Threats of rape have been sent to me by the individual who has assaulted me. As a result, my mother returned to Lalbazar today for the second time “Pratyusha stated

The threats were reportedly made on the popular social media platform Instagram. Paul requested assistance from the Kolkata cyber police when the accused would not stop sending texts. The cops have filed a complaint under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections 354 A (sexual harassment), 354D (any man who assaults or uses criminal force against any woman), 506 (criminal intimidation), and 509 (word, gesture, or act intended to insult a woman’s modesty), as well as sections of the Information Technology Act. No one has been arrested as a result of the investigation. However, Instagram has received an email in response to the complaint, inquiring about the sender’s identity.