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Cyber Crime

The420 Cybercrime Daily Digest: Keeping You Ahead of the Digital Crime Curve



The420 Cybercrime Daily Digest: Keeping You Ahead of the Digital Crime Curve

Cybercrime is an ever-growing threat in today’s digital world, with fraudsters constantly devising new schemes to exploit unsuspecting individuals. In recent cases, senior citizens, income tax employees, and even the wife of an IPS officer have fallen victim to cyber-frauds.

Staying vigilant and adopting precautionary measures is crucial to safeguard oneself from falling victim to such malicious activities.

Here are the top cybercrime news:

Mumbai: Man Recovers Rs 2.5 Lakh Lost in Cyber Fraud

  • A man in Mumbai was defrauded out of Rs 3.80 lakh by cyber-fraudsters who offered him a part-time job on Telegram.
  • The job involved clicking on social media posts and completing tasks.
  • At first, the man was able to withdraw money from his online account.
  • However, after he invested more money, he was unable to withdraw any funds.
  • He realized that he had been scammed and reported the incident to the police.
  • The police were able to freeze Rs 2.5 lakh of the man’s money before the scammers could withdraw it.

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IPS officer’s wife, cook lose Rs 18 lakh to cyber-fraud

  • The wife of an IPS officer and her cook in Hyderabad were cheated out of Rs 18 lakh by a cyber-fraudster who posed as a government official.
  • The fraudster convinced the women to transfer money to him in order to avail of a government scheme.
  • The women realized that they had been scammed when they did not receive any benefits from the scheme.

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Kolkata Man Arrested for Scamming Senior Citizen of Rs 6 Lakh

  • A senior citizen in Kolkata was cheated out of Rs 6 lakh by a cyber-fraudster who posed as a bank manager.
  • The fraudster convinced the victim to share his personal information, including his bank account details.
  • The police were able to track down and arrest the accused.

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Chennai Income Tax Employee Loses Rs 98,500 in Cyber Fraud

  • An income tax employee in Chennai was defrauded of Rs 98,500 by a cyber-fraudster who posed as a courier company employee.
  • The fraudster convinced the employee to click on a link and transfer Rs 5 to track a parcel.
  • However, the fraudster ended up transferring a total of Rs98,500 from the employee’s bank account.

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Gurgaon: Cyber Con Artists Offer Fake Medical Seat

  • A woman in Gurugram was cheated out of Rs 5.5 lakh by cybercriminals who posed as government officials.
  • The criminals promised to help the woman get a seat in a medical college if she paid them a large sum of money.
  • The woman paid the money, but she never received the promised seat.

Two women in Gurugram tricked into opening bank accounts by hospital employees

  • Two women in Gurugram were tricked into opening bank accounts by hospital employees.
  • The women were told that they needed to open the accounts in order to get a job at the hospital.
  • However, after the women opened the accounts, the hospital employees took their debit cards and SIM cards and made unauthorized transactions of Rs 20-30 lakh.

Reporting cybercrime is crucial in combatting digital threats. You can report cybercrime swiftly and securely by dialing cybercrime helpline 1930 or visiting By accessing the official website, you can easily lodge a complaint, providing details about the incident, including the nature of the crime and any relevant evidence. Additionally, the helpline number 1930 connects you to specialized authorities trained to handle cyber-related offenses. Prompt reporting assists law enforcement in initiating investigations and taking necessary action against cybercriminals, contributing to a safer online environment for everyone.

Safety Tips to Stay Safe from Cyber Crimes:

  1. Verify Source Authenticity: Always verify the credibility of emails, websites, and messages before sharing personal information or clicking on links.
  2. Secure Passwords: Create strong, unique passwords and change them regularly. Utilize password managers for added security.
  3. Beware of Phishing Attempts: Be cautious of unsolicited communications asking for sensitive information or offering lucrative deals. Verify sender details before responding or sharing any data.
  4. Update Security Software: Keep your devices and antivirus software updated to prevent vulnerabilities exploited by cybercriminals.
  5. Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Enable 2FA wherever possible to add an extra layer of security to your accounts.
  6. Educate Yourself: Stay informed about the latest cyber fraud tactics and scams. Knowledge is key to recognizing potential threats.
  7. Report Suspicious Activities: Promptly report any suspicious or fraudulent activities to the concerned authorities or cybercrime cells for necessary action.
  8. Backup Data Regularly: Back up essential data to external devices or secure cloud storage to prevent loss in case of cyber attacks like ransomware.
  9. Limit Personal Information Sharing: Be cautious while sharing personal details on social media platforms and websites. Limit the amount of private information publicly accessible.
  10. Trust Instincts: If something seems too good to be true or appears suspicious, trust your instincts and refrain from engaging further.

Cyber fraud is a prevalent threat, but by implementing these safety measures and staying alert, individuals can significantly reduce their susceptibility to falling victim to online scams and fraudulent activities.


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